Update! What I am doing now.

This blog is not only about insights and technical stuff. It's also a report of the progress and projects I overtake. What's important is to always have a plan, and to never give up until its success.

The plan right now is to sell products. This is step 3. Prior to that, I chose several subjects I truly care for, am passionate or knowledgeable about. That was step 1. Then I made sure to educate myself on the subjects, so that I know more than what most people already know. That is step 2, and is a never ending process.

This month I will work on step 3, which is to create products. A few weeks ago I had no idea what kind of product I could sell, but it comes naturally once you have done step 1 and step 2. The product has to be something only you can create, or something that will save people's time or simply help them.

That's how I ended up with 4 ideas of product. Maybe they won't sell, I don't care. Who tries nothing gets nothing. I'm not afraid of failure, I'm well aware there is no success without failure. So this month, I will create those 4 products. One per week. Yes, one whole week on a single product might seem like a long time. But there has to be quality, and once it's created, it's created.

The first product is art related. This is what I'm working on this week. I will sell my digital paintings as prints. That's why I wrote an article about how to sell prints. For that I will use this website, it should appear in the Artworks page by the end of the week. I found a supplier, tested it and made sure the shipping process was traceable. Also, people will be able to order commissions: they pay me to draw something, and they receive a print of the result.

The second product is actually something I have been working for more than one week. Most of the development is done, I have to package it. It's a contract for a custom website. It is for bloggers, artists, or small companies who need a website that is easy to use, customizable, cheap but effective, and that is up and running in a day or two. They don't have to manage web-hosting, security or to buy a domain name. I will handle everything. So it is very easy for them, zero programming or web hosting skill is required. They can fully focus on their projects and making content on the website. Technically, I made my own MVC template in PHP, object oriented with full vanilla code, so that it is very fast, open to customization, and SEO-optimised.

Third product is a bit more specific. It is targeting people willing to invest in crypto-currencies and want to set up their own trading bot. It can be a little tricky and selling a textual and/or video tutorial will spare them time and struggles.

And finally the last product (for now) will be a drawing course, for people who not only want to learn how to draw, but who also want to enjoy drawing no matter which skills they currently have. How to stay motivated, make constant progress, build a presence on the web, etc.

Tell me in the comments which product you would like to see or if you sell products yourself!


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