Why you should not buy a car in 2018

Short answer: You don't need it.

Long answer:

Contribute to the environnement

I'm not saying "save the planet", the planet is fine. You, however, are degrading the ecosystem that is keeping you alive. Really, the planet will be fine after you're gone. It all comes to this day back in 1896 when a guy named Henry Ford had this amazing idea: horses aren't fast enough, we need a metal box with a gasoline engine and 4 wheels to travel faster. The result: 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions is from transportation. (Greenhouse gases trap heat and make the planet warmer). Taken from this website, it is a matter of 16 000 days before the end of oil. Around 45 years. But trust me, problems will show up way earlier than that. Most of the wars are due to oil already. It's about time we stop using this fossil resource that takes millions of years to regenerate.

The worst investment possible

This is probably the worst investment you could make in your whole life. The second you take the car out of the concession, it has already lost half its value. It's the kind of investment that instead of making you passive income, it makes you lose money. Every time you fill the gas tank, you pay. Same with car service. Really, you can do better than that. Yes, I know, you will say you need a car in order to go to work. Listen. Why do you work? Because you need money, to pay a lot of things, and among those things is your car costs. It's a vicious circle. I'm not saying you should stop working. But be aware of this. You work in order to pay for your car in order to go to work in order to pay for your car...

A lifestyle

Seriously, who wants to get up, get in his car, fight with other people in their car who honk, swear, angry because they go to work, stuck in a traffic jam? Think about it: all this process requires willpower, a certain amount of energy, that you could spend for something else. If you read my article on willpower, you know how important that is. If you can, go to work by walking. If you're far, use public transport. Forget the comfort of your car. It's not worth it. It drains your energy and attention. When using public transport, you aren't driving, namely you can focus on something else, like reading for example. It will be more beneficial in the long run. From people I know, those who had to take long bus rides to go to school have become more creative. Do not take your transports for a bad thing, and for something that you should shorten in time. Take advantage of it. If you have to drive, you lose this advantage. I'm not afraid of driving, I have my licence, I play driving games, I just realised all this and now it's a lifestyle I have chosen.


As I said, public transport is a solution. But it is the easiest one. There is another one, who takes more time and is harder to get. And that is working from home. If you already have a job, you can ask your boss to work remotely. Better: become a freelance, work for yourself. If you are an artist, this is exactly what you should try to do. In 2018, it is more and more possible to work from home thanks to the internet.

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