The Power of the Subconscious Mind

I wanted to tell you about this one, for it is a really important thing to consider, especially if you are a creator like me. I will define the meaning of the subconscious mind and tell you how to influence and use it to your own advantage.

I like to represent this psychology as Subconscious-Chan:

She is like a pet, following you all the time, working for you even while you sleep (This is why I drew her as a maid from anime).

Impressive isn’t it?

However she is invisible.

If you don't know she exists, you cannot make use of her.

Here is how it works

Subconcsious-Chan classifies and remembers every thought that reaches the conscious through one of the five senses. Any kind of thought will get to her. You can voluntarily pass her a plan, project, goal that you would like to see become accomplished.

Subconcsious-Chan works day and night. To this day we still don't know how, but she always finds the most practical ways to achieve her desire.

All you have to do is pass her YOUR desire. You cannot control her entirely, but you can hand her over your plans. This is why it is really important to write down your plans with the best precision possible.

Subconcsious-Chan will not stay idle. Let's say that she always needs to eat. If you stop feeding her with your desires, who knows what she will end up eating? Probably something toxic or cancerous. You live in the center of everything that get to her unwittingly. Try to stop the flow of negative thoughts: you can influence your Subconscious-Chan so that she only gets positive waves.

Basically what you want to do is to make her happy.

In order to maker her happy, you need to talk to her, but she only talks in a specific language: the language of emotion or sentiment. If you do not use this language she won't understand you. Here is the list of the seven strongest positive emotions:

  • desire ;
  • faith ;
  • love ;
  • sexuality ;
  • enthusiasm ;
  • tenderness ;
  • hope.

There are some others, but these are the most powerful and the most creative ones.

In the language of emotions, there are also the strongest negative ones. Trust me, you don't want to use them to communicate with Subconscious-Chan. That will make her sad.

The seven most important negative emotions are:

  • fright ;
  • jealousy ;
  • hate ;
  • vengeance ;
  • greediness ;
  • superstition ;
  • anger.

Positive thoughts cannot stay in your mind at the same time as negative thoughts. Make your choice. Fill your mind with positive thoughts so that there is no place for the negative ones. On average, 80% of our thoughts are negative thoughts!

Subconscious-Chan can be fed from random thoughts! Thoughts of defeat or thoughts of success. It is all up to you; the result is crucial because it will either raise you or shatter you. You saw what are the seven negative emotions, you have to chase them away. You know what are the important positive emotions. It is just your decision that they take up your spirit. Every day you build up your creativity, and with Happy Subconscious-Chan on your side, you will be able to control the fundamentals of every initiative.

The grandeur of a person is the measure of his thoughts.


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