How To Be Proactive And Optimize Your Energy

The most successful and also the happiest people say to be proactive, but what does it mean and how to be proactive yourself?

Make a list of the things that worries you

We all are preoccupied with a list of things. Getting good grades if you are at school. The climate change. Building your own business and make a living off it. Paying too much tax. Getting better at drawing. Wars and politics absurdities. Changing your habits.

Now I will take this list and split it into two lists:

  • The climate change. Paying too much taxes. Wars and politics absurdities.
  • Getting good grades if you are at school. Building your own business and make a living off it. Getting better at drawing. Changing your habits.

Which list contains the worries you can have a real impact on?

The second one of course.

Getting all these worries is normal, that is how our brain works. But spending energy and time on things that are out of our reach is a waste of time, and you will most likely be frustrated in the end. Real proactivity is being aware of the difference and focusing on the second list.

By being proactive and working on things that matter and on which you have a real impact on will make the difference, you will see the progress and be more happy.

The blaming game.

People who aren't proactive will blame things all the time. They will often say This thing is rubbish! Blaming is a waste of time. It's like in those highly competitive video games: players who blame their teammates for their misplay aren't being proactive: they should rather focus on improving themselves. In the end, they will get better and thus have better teammates. The reality is you cannot change the thing you are blaming, could it be your teammates, or the society, etc. But if individually you do your own part of the job, there will be nothing to blame for.

Are you blaming the system? Stop. Find a way to be successful outside of it, and then tell the others how to do it.

Are you blaming your job because it is boring? Stop. Work on making it interesting or find another one.

Are you blaming your teacher? Stop. Don't let him disgust you from the subject. Go on YouTube and listen to the best teachers in the world.

It is all up to you now.


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