What is Cyatophilum about ?

Cyatophilum is a word I invented. I kept it because I liked the sound of it (pronounce it "see yah to feeloom"). With time, I found a sort of meaning for it : "Cya" = See you. "Philum" = the name of a mysterious place and time (far away?).

The idea is to take a certain distance from what we just see and know, gain consciousness, think a little more long term and make sure that tomorrow will be slightly better than today. A future will exist only on the condition that someone thought the idea of it first, and took action in order to make it real. Though most people think short term, and because of that, the common picture of our medium/far future is rather dark.

This place, "Philum" will in fact be the subject of my Manga. Being a musician, I will also try to create music related to the feelings around it. The artworks will be about this futuristic place.

Other than that, I want to become a life coach. Most of my posts are going to be about that. For those who don't know : it's basically life optimisation. In all kinds of ways (yes, there's a lot to talk about).

Those are my projects, and as you could guess they require a lot of time, without necessarily allowing me to make a living off it (for now). Today, as I have a full time job, I will work on creating one or several side hustles, that slowly but surely will unlock me freedom to work on my projects. I will talk about that too.


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