How to find a good idea

Maybe you spent too much time at school or watching TV and you forgot this dream you used to have. It is a quite simple but important question I am going to answer. How to find a good idea, an idea for a business, or a project, that will, in the long term, give you the possibility to gain freedom and be happy. There aren't many ways to come up with new ideas. Once you know the principle you will even develop too many ideas!

There are several conditions your idea needs to fulfill.


A passion is a kind of activity that you are ready to do without being paid.

It really helps if your idea is a passion because it will keep you motivated all the time, and you are more likely to spend a lot of time doing it, which is very good for the second point: competence or skills. Note that this point is mandatory, whereas the second point is not.

Competence or skills

There has to be something you are good at. It does not mean you need to be an expert. But something where you are a bit higher than average, a skill that would be really hard to copy or reproduce for other people. It could be something you have been practicing for a long time, or not.

If really nothing comes to your mind, then ask your entourage this question : "What do you find about me that I can do easily and without effort but which for you would be really difficult?". They most likely will come up with something: for example, you're good at telling stories, you cook very well, you motivate people around you, you are good at drawing, playing an instrument, a sport, you are good at organizing events, etc. You might not have thought about it because for you it is an easy and natural thing, but for others, it is totally not.

Economic potential

Your idea has to be helpful: it should help other people by solving a problem or answering a question. It should have an economic potential. There needs to be magazines about it. If you search your idea on Google, and you find an advert about it, it's good. If an advert exists, there inevitably is a bunch of people buying products bound to that idea. That means there are people motivated and willing to buy all sorts of products around that idea.

Competition is a good thing. That means there is a demand. Not enough competition implies that there is a huge chance nobody cares about your idea. You have to find a good spot. If the competition is huge, look at what is being done and find things you could improve. Do it your own way and be original.


A classic is a piece that resists time.

A Manga such as "I am a hero" by Kengo Hanazawa is a classic. It concerns deep psychological aspects of the characters and the society that will still be true 100 years later. The apparition of zombies is just a metaphor for any possible collapse of a human system.

Your idea should be timeless. You don't want to work 2 years on creating content that will be dead a few months later. Do not create videos about hand spinners for example, unless you want to make money quick and temporarily. I recommand finding an idea that will work on the long term.

To summarize, your idea should be a passion but not necessarily need to be an expert, since you will become one anyway. There should be an economic potential if you want to make money with it some day. And finally it should be timeless or all your work would have been useless. Leave a comment with your idea and I will answer what I think of it!


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