How to get your own website WITHOUT being a developer

Maybe you don't actually need a website. What you might need is to grow your community, your business, your digital presence, your traffic, or simply get more people to know about your company. But the best way to achieve this in the long run is to have a website. Social networks will not bring constant traffic to you, they will not index your publications on Google (More info about social networks). Perhaps you are not a developer or simply don't have time to build a website yourself.

Right now there are three solutions that come to you:

  • Use an open source template
  • Hire a website developer
  • Rent a website template

Use a free, open source, website platform.

What you can do is use an open source website building platform, build your website, buy and link a domain name and you will get your website online for almost no cost. However, those free websites are built on huge code generation engines, resulting in slow page loadings. It's a real white elephant, big, noisy, and complicated. They are not SEO optimized: unless you are let's say a Wordpress developer, your website will be unlikely to show up on the first page of google, even after two years of existence. Their templates look good... until you have to change something. In short, it's free, but takes some time, and is worth what you pay, namely, almost nothing.

Hire someone to create your website

There are a lot of web developers out there, that will create your dream website in a few days or weeks. The problem is that it will cost you something like 500$ per day of development, and not everybody has 5000$ to spend on a website. Price may vary depending on what you need, but sometimes you have to pay a designer on top of it and if you do not already have a model in mind, that will cost you even more.

Rent a website template

What if you didn't need to buy a 5000$ website, but instead you could rent a website for very cheap? This is what I am offering. I created a template dedicated to content creators with a blog, a gallery and few other pages if needed. I created it in such a way that I am able to configure and customize it for you. The idea is that you let me handle everything so that you can fully focus on creating content and uploading it to your website. There is a small cost for initial installation, if you contact me and already have a logo, slogan and know which pages you need, it can go really fast. It will cost you around 100$ for the installation and then it is a subscription of 17$ per month to keep your website online. Okay, that is cheap, so my websites might not have the most perfect design, but they are based on a structure that works. They are built from scratch, meaning the code is optimized, and thus really fast. I can update them with new functionalities. I coded powerful SEO systems that will give your website a good referencing. They are easy to use and maintain and of course, they can be secured. More information can be found on this page.

Are you interested in using my services to buy or rent a website?

Contact me by sending an email to

You can also ask questions in the comments and I will try to answer you.


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