Welcome to The Game

At some point in your life, you will ask yourself: What's the point of all this? You will start doubting. What am I doing with my life? Am I doing it right? One day your awareness level will have increased. You will start seeing patterns around you. Things will not look so bright anymore. You have changed. You understand things better now. And things are not happening like it should. Inequalities, poverty, consumerism, waste, pollution, money, food, the ecosystem, the system. At this age of easy access to massive information, we truly lack wisdom. At any moment, we can get the answer to any questions instantly. But people do not ask the good questions. They do not realize the chance they have. Explain what a smartphone is to someone living 50 years ago. He will laugh at you, saying that is ridiculous. Now, it has become mainstream.

Think about all the things people told you, your parents, teachers, television. Forget everything for a minute. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Do you feel rather like a human, or like a sheep? It is normal to feel like a sheep, but now you are a lucid sheep. Welcome to The Game.

What is The Game? It is hard to explain. But what I am sure, is that I am playing it, meanwhile most people are simple spectators, “NPC” (Non Playing Characters). They do not play. They are not aware. Although, it is very human to play, as other very intelligent species do, dolphins, elephants, etc. Most people forgot how to play. They became predictable. The system likes predictable sheep. From the very start, in schools, in church, in the media, people are taught not to think, not to ask questions.

Why did we end up like this? The “why” doesn't matter. What truly matters, is the “how”. How to play The Game? It is quite simple. Forget every rules. Forget all the goals you have been told. To make money, to build a family, to go to work everyday. All this is necessary in some way, but it should not be your goal itself. I mean, do you really need it? Once you get a roof and some food, everything else is irrelevant, it is just some fat added to the meal. Once you realize this, you feel an emptiness, a lot of things become “fake”, stop making sense. The society stop making sense. It even looks rather sick. And you feel sick as well. For a while. Until you finally accept it as it is. You accept, but now you are an outsider. You are one in a thousand.

How to actually play The Game? Listen to your heart. There has to be something that you like doing, or that you wanted to do, but other people found ridiculous. A dream. Exactly. If you do not have a dream, then you are dead inside. A robot, a zombie, a slave, we could call it in many ways. This dream should be something that you truly like doing, and without anyone pushing you. Once you know what it is, then you are playing The Game. Everyone can play The Game, and everyone will have different rules. You can see if someone is playing by the sparkles in his/her eyes. Basically “to play” means spending time doing something that we enjoy. Neuroscience shows that we learn better by playing. This is why you have to take your passion or dream and turn it into a game. Once you understand that, nothing can stop you.

I will stop this post here but continue the subject in a future article talking about Free Will. But next article will be on How to grow a presence on DeviantArt.


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