10 Tips for All Creators

What is the best way to create content? How to keep going and be a successful content creator? Whether you are a Youtube creator, a musician, artist, that you create content for a website, digital content in general, here is a top 10 advice that will help you in the long journey of getting an audience, inspired by the CEO of Patreon.

1. Do what you love

The most important thing is this simple : to do what you love. Do something that you could do without being paid, and that you truly enjoy doing. It is mandatory because it will help you keep going at all times. It should be something that you do naturally. Everything will come after this basic principle.

2. Follow others

Follow people who have built up a following. Learn from them. Seek things they do that you don't do that could help you. Don't copy paste exactly what they do. Get inspired from them, but stay original. Use the methods that made them successful, but be yourself.

3. Frequency of release

This one results from 1. Too many creators do not have a precise frequency of release, yet it is crucial for many things. It builds loyalty to your community. It creates some kind of excitement of your audience. Automatically, they will start anticipating your content. You will take a bigger place in their mind ; If you show up too much frequently, you will be annoying, if you never show up, you will be forgotten, if you show up once a week/ month, you will be awaited. It doesn't mean you have to drown under the work, as we will see now in 4.

4. Content Quality

I hope you read in order because this follows the previous points. Now you may be like me right now, a kind of perfectionist, who still has lots to learn, but spends too much time on unnecessary details instead of the main interesting material. Don't do this. Make your content raw. Do not make it perfect. You will improve with time. Do not waste too much time on details. Quality will come naturally as you improve, and you will be faster. Stay focused on the main subject, create more of that.

5. The community

Get involved with your community. Answer comments, read feedback. it doesn't mean you have to take seriously every bad or hate comments. Ignore what slows you down but be part of your community. It must not be a one way street.

6. Catch traffic

Catch people coming from the internet with typical responsive content. Understand how it works. Google is a search engine. Youtube is a search engine. Abuse that. Social networks alone will not bring constant traffic. Make timeless content: build up something that resists time, and will still interest people in the years to come. Create "classic" content. But not only.

7. Surf trends

Use google trends to find the most popular trend lines. Find what's growing and what's not. It is a bit contrary with the previous point (make timeless content) but it is mandatory to grow fast and most importantly stop being a "random" that nobody knows.

8. Make it a story

Make it a story. Learn story telling. Read books about it. People love stories. This blog is supposed to be a story as well, or, well, I'm trying.

9. Find your place

You do not have to be everywhere. Perhaps you don't want to create Instagram Stories, but first, try a little bit everything. See what's working and what's not. Then, find your place and focus your efforts there.

10. Do warm-ups

You don't want to be "cold" when creating content. It might discourage you for no reason because you will not be at your best level. So start with meaningless warm-ups. For example, if you are an artist, sketch quickly what comes in your mind, if you play the guitar, start doing scales, etc. 15 minutes is the average time to warm up.


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