Update! What I'm doing now - August 2018

I still have a full time job and generated exactly 0$ from my side creations. This website is not generating any traffic. I write all the articles myself and do not have a real plan. I know I should optimize keywords. Most importantly, I have to start creating videos. There is no other way around. The problem is I'm shy and do not know what kind of videos I should make. I don't post enough on social media. I don't even have an account on most used sites. I'm going to change that.

The value I'm offering is not clear enough. I can sell and rent websites, but right now nobody knows that a website will help them sell art, grow a solid community. I'm targeting creators and more specifically artists. But I'm an artist as well, and right now I do not even have my own shop. So I am going to work on that first. Get some fanart done, create a list of products that I can sell on my website. Because I found a way to very easy way to send a product to anyone in the world, a poster of your drawing, a printed canvas, etc. I will explain everything to those who order me a website. This is all for cyatophilum.com. I will try to sell fanart first before working on original characters and stories, because right now nobody knows me. Not even I know myself. So let's see what I'm able to do.

I launched my second blog/site. It is named BlockchainFiesta.com. I will write articles about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and create trading strategies. I learned to code trading strategies a few months ago from now. I have hopes in this website. The first day it had already 10 visitors, who stayed 12 minutes on it in average. That's quite huge, knowing that I just started creating content for it last week.

I decided to allow one day of the week to work on maidsvsdemons.com, a browser game I started last year. I'm working on a big update, it needs it. I'm trying not to completely drown in the complexity of the game, those who coded games in PHP should know what I mean.

I'm trying to get up early in order to allocate more time to my creations but I don't have quite the discipline yet; I'll keep you updated. 5 am is the target. That would give me 3 hours before I go to work. 3 hours that I'm currently wasting playing games late in the night.


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