Cyato's Journal And Why You Should Write A Journal

If you are reading this, it is either because you are a creator, artist, or want to become one. If you are not already writing a journal, then this article is for you! Otherwise, you can skip the first part, The importance of writing journals, and go directly to part 2: My journal or part 3: Write your own journal!.

The importance of writing journals

What's a journal? It's the simple thing of writing what's in your mind every once in a while, the frequency is up to you: every day, once in a week, once a month... try and find what suits you!

Writing journals has several benefits:

  1. Practice your writing
  2. Be more productive
  3. Setup your subconscious
  4. Clear your mind

1. Practice your writing

If you're not used to write, you may be slow, have difficulties to transform your thoughts in words.. but most importantly is story telling. The ability to tell stories. Information is more easily shared when telling a story. And as a creator or artist, the pieces you create must have a story behind them. It will make it more interesting, and sell better.

2. Be more productive

Trust me, the time used to write a journal is not wasted productivity. On the contrary, it helps plan things ahead and see the progress made. Even the little things. Sometimes we feel like being stuck in our projects and lose motivation, but if we look back at where we were a few months ago, we'd see the progress we've made. A journal helps seeing the improvement made over time.

3. Setup your subconscious

I already talked in an article The Power of the Subconscious Mind about how our subconscious works and how to use it. Writing a journal is another way to impact your subconscious.

4. Clear your mind

Use the journal to write things down that you could forget. In order to remember things, the brain makes an effort, a little bit like computer memory: the less memory is used, the better your computer works. It works the same with your brain.

My Journal : 19/02/2019

I will write my journal, I don't care about making it public, quite the opposite, I will try to make it interesting, and hopefully you will learn something or be entertained :)

I didn't write anything for months on this website. I probably lost all the readers, I don't even have the guts to check the reports. It's okay, it will be like starting from scratch again.

Where have I been? Well, I don't really have an excuse, though mainly it is because I prefered to stop publishing instead of sharing low quality content. Also, I kind of paused the project that is behind cyatophilum. More exactly, I procrastined on it. But, not in a bad way. I needed time to brainstorm and come up with ideas. Finding ideas is not difficult (I will publish an article soon about how to find ideas easily). However, to make a choice is to give up the other options.

This leads to my main projects. I need to tell you something first! For most people, there is "work" and there is "hobbies", and both cannot be compatible. But here is what I think, after doing lots of reading and researching, I came to the conclusion that:

  1. Yes, hobbies are very rarely an effective way to make a living. Sadly, in our modern society, we need money to satisfy our basic needs: food, and shelter. Why? Because we lost all possession, knowledge (and rights?) to be independant and use our own hands to build houses and grow food like our grand-parents did. Alright, maybe they had no choice (after WWII) and wanted to delegate such tiring and time consuming tasks. Except they delegated these tasks to the wrong people.. the industrials. But let's close this parenthesis for now. This is how we and our parents are used to live and it will be really difficult, if not impossible, to go back.
  2. No, I will not be happy by finding a job that suits me, like school told me, parents told me, or mainstream media told me. Because none of those jobs (99% of them), make any sense. Jobs that deserve to exist are: teachers, farmers, doctors, and .. that's about it. All the others are based on making profit by exploiting our planet resources, and are dependent on oil, mainly (and other fossil energies), meaning they are not durable and are participating to our humanity collective suicide. Yeah, only this! I thought about becoming a teacher, seriously, but I don't want to do it for money, I will keep this project for later.
  3. There are thousands of way to make money thanks to the internet: as long as you have time, knowledge, luck (not necessary), and most importantly, are passionate about something. This is how it works: when you evolve in a subject, gather knowledge, read books, practice... you will automatically become better at his subject than 90% of people who didn't spend time, gathered the knowledge and experience. Based on this, there will be some people willing to pay you.

Therefore, The Plan is to use your skills; things you are good at, (in my case, creating websites and programmation), in order to help people on the web by bringing them value they are willing to pay for because they do not have time, or knowledge to do it themselves, or simply don't want to do it.

One important thing to keep in mind is to automate as many tasks as possible! Remember that the goal is to have time for your hobbies, without starving to death or working fulltime on a job devoid of sense.

For example, here are the projects I started working on (all are unrelated to my current job). is a website I built and launched in september 2018. In january 2018, I started learning a programmation langage that would allow me to create a trading robot. I would first use it for myself, then I thought I could share it with people, at a cost, obviously. I use my website for this, and since september I didn't spend a week without working on it, that's also why I've been writting less here. This project is a lot of work, but I learn everyday and it's starting to be successful: I now have three subscribers who are satisfied with the robot. I could talk all day about this, so I will stop here, but don't hesitate to come discuss with me on social networks! The other second main project that is taking me a lot of time is website creation: I will create and manage a website for a customer, at a cost of 50€ per month. For comparison a web agency charges several thousands euros for a simple website! I have other projects that I will try on the short term, such as a print store and an e-book, but I will talk about that in another journal.

Oh, I almost forgot. I don't know if it's the same for you, but once I get passionate about something, I will literally tunnel on this thing and nothing else will matter. I will just read books, listen podcasts and conferences about the subject all day until I know everything. These past months this subject was Collaspology: as known as the study towards Collapse of Civilization. This might be a future blog post :)

Write your own journal!

If you want, write your own journal in the comment section below: what's in your mind and what are your projects? :)


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