The HUGE problem of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and cie that you must AVOID

The HUGE problem of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and cie that you must AVOID
A website is like wine, with time it gets more valuable.

If you are an artist or a content creator in general, I'm not saying that you should stop using social networks, of course not. But I will talk about their problems and what you should to do avoid them.

Content with expiration date.

A Facebook post, a Tweet, an Instagram, Reddit post, etc., has an expiration date. The content you create on those platforms will last hours, at maximum, days. Then it is lost. You will ALWAYS need to create new content. However, a website page or blog article will still show up on Google, even 10 years later because..

Google doesn't like social media platforms.

When was the last time that you saw a Facebook post on the first page of Google? Ok, now, when was the last time that you saw a website, or blog article on the first page of Google? More often I guess. Google doesn't like these platforms. Probably because he cannot, or doesn't want to index into his search engine the billions of posts that are created each day. I am not talking about profile pages, though, those are indexed and will show up on Google.

A short term Referencing and Advertising Strategy.

You can choose to use Facebook, Twitter ads by example to grow your business or community. It will take you a lot of research and work to finally find the right campaign that will bring you a decent amount of clients. The problem is that whenever needed the platform can choose to change its algorithm. You are totally dependant from it. You will have to adapt your strategy once again. Besides, the advertising is short term, and the amount of new traffic is only temporary, until you pay for another campaign.

What you should do.

If you are in a hurry, sure, go ahead and advertise on social media platforms. You will get quick results. But if you want a longer term strategy, and this is what I would advise to do, start thinking about natural referencing. You should not focus the maximum of your efforts on social media. Build content that will work for you long time after you create it. Get your own website, start a Youtube channel, create podcasts... things that will bring you traffic slowly but constantly without costing you a penny. What you should do is first publishing content on your website, create a video, and THEN only then post on social media.

Comment if you agree or not or tell me what your current strategy is as a content creator.

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The HUGE problem of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and cie that you must AVOID